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Oracle SQL & PL/SQL

Oracle Database SQL & PL/SQL

SQL Syllabus

Basics of Databases
Types of Statements : DDL,DML,TCL,DRL
Power of Select Simple to Complex Queries
Joins - Its Type & Applications
DML - insert, update,delete & merge
DDL - create, drop, truncate & alter
Table & Views
Constraints - Type & Applications
Indexes - Its Type & Applications
Sequences - Its Type & Applications
Synonyms - Its Type & Applications
Data Dictionary Tables & Views
Oracle SQL Mock Test dumps
5 hrs (Assessment) Test on
Certificate of Completion issused to only Individuals completing the Hackrrank Test
Post this training one can easily clear Oracle SQL test
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PL/SQL Syllabus

PL/SQL Language Fundamentals
PL/SQL Control Statement
PL/SQL Collection Types
PL/SQL Cursors
PL/SQL Errors and Exceptions
PL/SQL Stored Procedure and Function
PL/SQL Triggers
PL/SQL Dynamic SQL
PL/SQL Packages
PL/SQL Database Interaction
Oracle PL/SQL Mock Test dumps
1-2 hrs (Assessment) Technical Interview on video call
Post this training one can easily clear Oracle PLSQL test
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Download Section

Course Download

    1) Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Download Or use live SQL

    2) Installation Steps - Oracle DB 11g - By Rocky Sir Download

    3) How to run java-database programs from my PC ?Download

    4) One-full-day(8 hrs) - 100% Practical Microsoft SQL Server Workshop

    • E_book_1 : Microsoft SQL Server Class_Notes Download
    • E_book_2 : Microsoft SQL Server Pracs Download

    5) Must Read Information about Oracle Architecture Download

    6) About a Multitenant Environment_oracle 12c Download

    7) PL/SQL Oracle Home practice _file_1 Download

    8) PL/SQL Oracle Home practice _file_2 Download

    9) Oracle SQL Practice Queries Download_1 Download_2

    11) Oracle PL/SQL Practice Queries Download_1 Download_2

    12) Solution (by Rocky Sir) to HackerRank > SQL problems Download    ReadMe.txt

    13) Oracle SQL & Pl/SQL and Database Interview Questions_difficult Download

    14) Sample Resume Format Download 1         Download 2

    15) Oracle Pearson Vue centres for giving Oracle certification exams Download


    1) Why using bind variables in PL/SQL improves performance ? Read

    2) All, Any and Some operators in SQL - Important !! Must See Once

    3) Exists clause - Important !! Must See Once

    4) ROWSCN, UID and USER Pseudo columns - Important !! Must See Once

    5) Foreign Key Constraint Example -- important !! Must See Once

    6) Learn Oracle SQL : The Hierarchical Query Clause Must See Once

    7) Top-N queries in Oracle SQL Must See Once

    8) Understanding Analytic Functions in Oracle SQL Must See Once

    9) Overview of Regular Expressions in Oracle 11g Must See Once

    10) How and why to create clusters ? Must See Once

    11) complete list of single row functions Must See Once

    12) complete list of Aggregate ( Group ) functions Must See Once

    13) Enhancements done in Oracle 12C over previous versions Must See Once

    14) Format models use in conversion function_Oracle_11g(same applies to 12c) Must See Once

    15) Whats new in Oracle PL/SQL ( Release 1 and 2 ) Must See Once

    16) Must Read Oracle PL/SQL Building Packages and Reference Types Must See Once

    17) How to Create USER, GRANT and REVOKE rights ?  Read-1    Read-2

    18) SQL - A Practical Introduction Must See Once

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