Oracle SQL & PL/SQL Training & Certification

About SQL

  • SQL is a standard language for accessing and manipulating databases.
  • SQL stands for Structured Query Language.
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Experts demonstrate the complete set of skills required for working with the powerful SQL programming language and have mastered the key concepts of a relational database.
  • SQL Experts understand how to use the advanced features of SQL in order to query and manipulate data within the database, control privileges at the object and system level, and use advanced querying techniques.
  • Outcome : One would be able to clear Oracle SQL certification test 1Z0-071
  • Prerequisite : No Prerequisite.

About PL/SQL

  • PL/SQL is a combination of SQL along with the procedural features of programming languages. It was developed by Oracle Corporation in the early 90's to enhance the capabilities of SQL.
  • PL/SQL is one of three key programming languages embedded in the Oracle Database, along with SQL itself and Java.
  • This course is designed for Software Professionals and IT students, who are willing to learn PL/SQL Programming Language in simple and easy steps.
  • This course will give you great understanding on PL/SQL Programming concepts, and after completing this course, you will be at intermediate level of expertise from where you can take yourself to higher level of expertise.
  • Outcome : One is able to clear Oracle PL/SQL exam ( code : 1Z0-144 )
  • Prerequisite : One should be clear on SQL concepts completely.

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Practical based Training by Rocky sir on oracle database(sql,plsql) is exceptional. The preparation material provided during the course is extremely helpful. All the tracks designed by Rocky sir keeping in mind what actually industry needs. If fresh graduates has confusion "what next"? then this is the right place. Thank you Simran ma'am, Rocky sir and SCTPL team for putting in so much effort that i got trained and placed..

Mr.Shivaji Nana Patil { Bsc IT, Mumbai University }

Selected at Eclinical Works as Interface Implementation Engineer Salary : 2.0 LPA For many more feedbacks see here

We found "Suven Consultants" as one of the best Technology training company. We have been hiring PL/SQL developers { in Oracle Database technology }. I think they are one of the best companies to connect for skilled fresher requirements.

HR, Open Radix Software

Oracle SQL & PL/SQL

Oracle Database SQL & PL/SQL

SQL Syllabus

Retrieving Data using the SQL SELECT Statement
Restricting and Sorting Data
Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
Displaying Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins
Using Subqueries to Solve Queries
Managing Tables using DML statements
Complete working knowledge of Data Definition Language

We cover complete oracle exam syllabus - See here

PL/SQL Syllabus

PL/SQL Language Fundamentals
PL/SQL Control Statement
PL/SQL Collection Types
PL/SQL Cursors
PL/SQL Errors and Exceptions
PL/SQL Stored Procedure and Function
PL/SQL Triggers
PL/SQL Dynamic SQL
PL/SQL Packages
PL/SQL Database Interaction

We cover complete oracle exam syllabus - See here

Time Table of Oracle Database SQL & PL/SQL

Course SQL    PL/SQL   
Batch Regular Regular
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Fees (in Rs.) SQL : 5000 /-
{ Course Completion Certificate issued after Hackerrank assessment }
PL/SQL : 6000 /-
{ Course Completion Certificate issued after Vivas/Machine test }

Download Section

Course Download

    1) Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Download Or use live SQL

    2) Installation Steps - Oracle DB 11g - By Rocky Sir Download

    3) How to run java-database programs from my PC ?Download

    4) One-full-day(8 hrs) - 100% Practical Microsoft SQL Server Workshop

    • E_book_1 : Microsoft SQL Server Class_Notes Download
    • E_book_2 : Microsoft SQL Server Pracs Download

    5) Must Read Information about Oracle Architecture Download

    6) About a Multitenant Environment_oracle 12c Download

    7) PL/SQL Oracle Home practice _file_1 Download

    8) PL/SQL Oracle Home practice _file_2 Download

    9) Oracle SQL Practice Queries Download_1 Download_2

    11) Oracle PL/SQL Practice Queries Download_1 Download_2

    12) Solution (by Rocky Sir) to HackerRank > SQL problems Download    ReadMe.txt

    13) Oracle SQL & Pl/SQL and Database Interview Questions_difficult Download

    14) Sample Resume Format Download 1         Download 2

    15) Oracle Pearson Vue centres for giving Oracle certification exams Download


    1) Why using bind variables in PL/SQL improves performance ? Read

    2) All, Any and Some operators in SQL - Important !! Must See Once

    3) Exists clause - Important !! Must See Once

    4) ROWSCN, UID and USER Pseudo columns - Important !! Must See Once

    5) Foreign Key Constraint Example -- important !! Must See Once

    6) Learn Oracle SQL : The Hierarchical Query Clause Must See Once

    7) Top-N queries in Oracle SQL Must See Once

    8) Understanding Analytic Functions in Oracle SQL Must See Once

    9) Overview of Regular Expressions in Oracle 11g Must See Once

    10) How and why to create clusters ? Must See Once

    11) complete list of single row functions Must See Once

    12) complete list of Aggregate ( Group ) functions Must See Once

    13) Enhancements done in Oracle 12C over previous versions Must See Once

    14) Format models use in conversion function_Oracle_11g(same applies to 12c) Must See Once

    15) Whats new in Oracle PL/SQL ( Release 1 and 2 ) Must See Once

    16) Must Read Oracle PL/SQL Building Packages and Reference Types Must See Once

    17) How to Create USER, GRANT and REVOKE rights ?  Read-1    Read-2

    18) SQL - A Practical Introduction Must See Once

Data analytics using R

Data Analytics Using R

What Makes R Programming Language A Good Choice ?
1) R an open-source programming language.
2) Best used for performing statistics, analysis and visualization.
3) It as The Ultimate Statistical Analysis Kit.

    Course Highlights:

  •  40 hrs of hands-on training on week-ends

  •  complete knowledge of R programming language

  •  One month of internship on semi-live datasets

  •  Participate in Kaggle Data Analytics competition, with the subject trainer as mentor.

  •  Post the course a participant is easily analyze real-time datasets and crack interviews for junior data Analyst positions.

  • Fee (only for) this module : INR 8000/-

Exclusive Batches at Suven Training Centers / Live Online Classes

Batch Python Machine Learning Adv. Machine Learning Data Analytics Using R/Python
Duration 50 hours 40 hours 60 hours 40 hours
Timing & Dates Click Here
Fees (in Rs.) 9000 /- 8000 /- 15000 /- 8000 /-
Interview dates Immediately after Completion of Respective Placement Track

Download Section

Course Download

    1) Syllabus

    2) Download all R/Jupyter notebooks from datascience > Data Analytics section